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Coastal Taranaki School Teaching Staff are finalists in the Prime Minister’s Education Excellence Award for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

“Our local education professionals work hard every day for our children, and it’s great to see their contribution publicly and formally recognised,” MP Jonathan Young said.
“The school established the Dreamweaver mentoring programme which has seen the school working collaboratively with students and their whanau to plan together, share knowledge and have seen great success with students achieving both inside and outside the classroom.”

“The awards celebrate people like Coastal Taranaki School in our communities who are striving to deliver the absolute best teaching to children they can, the people who raise the bar that bit higher.

The categories this year are excellence in leading, excellence in teaching and learning, excellence in engaging and a prize that celebrates a focus on collaboration that helps children learn as they move from early childhood to schooling. The category winners will receive $20,000, and the supreme winner will receive an additional $30,000.

“High-quality education provides the opportunity for any child from any background to get ahead and make the most of their life, and the teachers who contribute to this should be celebrated,” Young said.

The awards cover early childhood education, primary, through to secondary schooling.  For more information visit:

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