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More offenders are getting involved in local Work and Living Skills (WLS) programmes, says Jonathan Young MP for New Plymouth.
“WLS enables certain offenders to convert up to 20 per cent of their sentenced community work hours into work and skills training,” says Jonathan Young.
“Offenders can gain work experience to make them more employable, and learn valuable life skills such as road safety, driver licensing, cooking, health and wellbeing, education, parenting, and budgeting.
“These programmes provide offenders with opportunities they otherwise may not have had.
“In New Plymouth we have a number of programmes available including the Loves Me Not workshop.   This is facilitated by Police targeting domestic violence and is designed to engage people in the qualities of positive relationships. 
“It is important that we support offenders to become responsible members of our community, and reduce the likelihood of reoffending.
“I commend the local people and organisations that run these programmes and help offenders to make positive changes to their lives.”

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