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Jonathan Young welcomes the Fruit in Schools programme supplying quality produce to 7 New Plymouth electorate primary schools this year.
“Healthy eating options play a vital role in helping our kids grow and reach their full potential. So it is great to see the Government continuing the programme which delivers weekly high-quality seasonal fruit and vegetables to certain schools across the country, including in New Plymouth” Jonathan Young said.
The 7 schools included in New Plymouth are; Huirangi School, Manukorihi Intermediate, Marfell Community School, St Joseph’s School (Waitara), Te Pi’ipi’inga Kakano Mai Rangiatea, Waitara Central School and Waitara East School.
“This year, 543 schools will take part in Fruit in Schools, meaning over 104,000 kids will benefit from healthy eating options. This will also help teach them how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Fruit in Schools complements the Government’s Childhood Obesity Plan. New Zealand is one of the first OECD countries to have a target and a comprehensive plan to tackle childhood obesity.”
The Government invests about $8 million into the Fruit in Schools programme each year. This is being supported by the extra $568 million going into Health for 2016/17 – taking the total Health budget to a record $16.1 billion.
“We're continuing to get overwhelmingly positive feedback from schools about the success of our Fruit in Schools programme. This includes schools who've been with the programme since it started and also those who came in last year.
 “The Government backs the health and wellbeing of the New Plymouth electorate communities and this programme helps ensure our kids get the best possible start in life,” Jonathan Young said.

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