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Today the Environmental Protection Authority granted a 35 year marine consent to Shell Todd Oil Services (STOS) which will allow the continued production of natural gas and condensate off the Taranaki coast.

This marine consent that will allow continued activity on the Maui gas field is welcomed by local MP Jonathan Young

“Petroleum is an integral part of Taranaki economy with up to 10% of Taranaki’s workforce related to this industry,” Mr Young says.

“Shell were one of the first companies to explore in Taranaki and have been great corporate citizens and I’m sure that all of Taranaki welcomes this decision.”

“The Environmental Protection Authority have ensured that their activities have insignificant or minor effect and this will ensure our environment continues to be protected, while at the same time we responsibly see this industry continue and contribute to employment and growth for Taranaki.”

“Natural gas is used by a large portion of New Zealand, and as we move to a low-carbon future this consent gives security in the coming years to the production of this cleanest burning fossil fuel.” Young says.

The Maui field is one of New Zealand’s most successful offshore gas discoveries, and produces roughly a fifth of our natural gas.

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