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The New Plymouth electorate will benefit from a significant Government investment in police and the wider justice sector to reduce crime and keep our communities safe, says New Plymouth MP Jonathan Young.
“Knowing there’s a nearby police presence at all times is something our community expects,” says Young. “So National is making a commitment that people in cities, the regions, and rural areas will have officers they can call on 24/7. Ninety-five per cent of New Zealanders will have around the clock police presence within 25km.
“Our half-a-billion dollar Safer Communities package unashamedly targets offenders to ensure they are off our streets – by providing additional resources to resolve more crime and target criminal gangs and organised crime. 
“We’re boosting police staff by 1125, including 880 extra frontline officers, with all police districts across the country getting more sworn officers. Police will decide how many will go where, based on need.
“Five hundred of those frontline police will go on the beat and into community policing. They’ll improve the speed of police to attend emergencies and also focus on youth offending, burglaries, and community crime.
 Another 140 officers will focus on regional and rural policing, meaning 95 per cent of New Zealanders are within 25 kilometres of 24/7 police support, every day of the year.”
This significant taxpayer investment comes with a range of challenging targets for Police.
“We want police attending home burglaries more quickly, seizing more assets from organised crime and reducing deaths from family violence” says Young

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