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Military training deployment to Iraq

This week the Government has decided to deploy a non-combat military training mission to Iraq as part of our contribution to the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and...

Jonathans Journal - 16th February 2015

YMCA opening, Kickstart Breakfast, Local Projects + more

YMCA Childcare Centre Opening

Thank you for the invitation to be part of the opening for the newly expanded YMCA Childcare Centre in New Plymouth. This has been a vision of the team for...

Jonathans Journal 22nd December 2014

An outstanding year, Beach water quality & Merry Christmas!

Taranaki key region in oil and gas Block Offer 2014

New Plymouth MP Jonathan Young welcomes the news that new international companies have been awarded permits to explore for oil and gas in and around New Zealand. Block Offer...

Jonathans Journal - 8th December 2014

NZ volunteers lead OECD in generosity, Minister welcomes oil, Out & About.

Jonathans Journal - 1st December 2014

Health Minister visit, Committee appointments, White Ribbon Appeal, Taranaki Tough Kids.

Jonathans Journal - 21st November 2014

Coastal Care Medical Centre, Investment help, ICC Cup, OUt & About.

Jonathans Journal - 7th November 2014

NZs premiere coloured glass company, Steady job growth, Out & About

Jonathans Journal - 31st October 2014

Employment Relations Amendement Bill, Filipino Festivities, Out & About.