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National busy delivering across the country

In election year, National is busy delivering a clear plan for our country’s future so New Zealanders can have continued confidence that the country will be led well, should we...

More people connected to faster fibre in New Plymouth

More New Plymouth locals now have access to faster and more reliable internet, says Local MP, Jonathan Young. Deployment of the first phase of the Ultra-Fast Broadband programme in New...

Jonathan's Journal 9th August

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The Tom - July 2017

As a kid growing up, I always loved the suspense of election night. My dad was an MP for 24 years in South Taranaki. Many still remember him, Venn Young....

Mental Health in Taranaki

With New Zealand at the highest level of teen suicide in the OECD, there is no question that mental health is top of mind for many New Zealanders. “Mental health...

Jonathan's Journal 21st July

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Jonathans Journal 27th June

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New Plymouth MP excited by completion of $24 million road upgrade

MP for New Plymouth, Jonathan Young, is thrilled by the Government’s announcement that New Plymouth’s $24 million Vickers to City upgrade project has been completed. “This is fantastic news for...

Jonathans Journal 15th June

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Jonathans Journal 13 June 2017

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