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The resurgence of Covid-19 this month has caused a great deal of unease and uncertainty. However, it highlights the need for us all to take basic precautions and work together to get through what’s been a difficult year.

It is in all our best interests to adhere to official advice around hygiene, keeping track of who we come in contact with, and staying home if we’re sick -

Last week, Judith Collins announced National’s strategy for Border control. The plan takes a multi-pronged approach to our country’s defence against Covid-19 by establishing ‘Te Korowai Whakamaru/NZ Border Protection Agency’ to provide comprehensive oversight and management of Covid-19 at the border, requiring international travellers to provide evidence of a negative Covid-19 test before arriving in New Zealand, compulsory contact tracing technologies to be used by agency employees, border facility workers, and District Health Board staff who treat or test patients, and rapid deployment of Bluetooth applications to enhance contact tracing while also exploring alternative technologies, such as a Covid Card.

The plan also addresses the need to prepare a second line of defence, behind our border, so any incursions can be identified, traced and isolated quickly.

You can read more details at

With the threat of Covid-19 likely to be with us for years to come, it’s vital we safeguard the health of all New Zealanders. With the right framework in place, we can all live our lives with more certainty and continue to work towards achieving the best for ourselves and our families.

Regardless of what alert level we’re at, I would encourage you to keep taking appropriate measures to protect yourself and your loved ones. Simple things like frequent hand-washing can pay big dividends in keeping you healthy.

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Jonathan Young
MP for New Plymouth
National Party Spokesperson: Energy & Resources
National Party Spokesperson: Arts, Culture & Heritage

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