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It’s been a big year for trade in New Zealand.
In February we hosted the signing of the TPP, New Zealand’s largest trade agreement, worth $2.7 billion a year to our GDP by 2030. We have also agreed with the EU, our third largest trading partner, to start the process to work toward the negotiation of an FTA.
We have opened doors wider for our agriculture businesses in China by signing the Agricultural Growth Partnership. The partnership is about sharing New Zealand’s agricultural expertise and creating more commercial opportunities in areas such as livestock technology, animal health and disease control. Additionally, three Kiwi businesses achieved significant access to lucrative Chinese markets.
Fonterra celebrated its partnership with Beingmate through an environmental cooperation project and the development of the Anmum brand in China. Alliance meanwhile will have exclusivity of supply for branded products into several high-end Chinese hotels, supermarkets and restaurants. Zespri also celebrated the start of the new kiwifruit season in China and its new status as importer of record in China.
Kiwi businesses have achieved big wins in the lucrative Chinese market. Our red meat producers have gained a huge competitive advantage thanks to China recognising our halal regulation and certification regime. Having been the first Western country to sign an FTA with China, New Zealand will now be the first country to have its halal regulatory regime recognised by China. This is a big win in a market that bought 33 per cent of our total halal-certified meat in the year to September 2015.
In 2018 our economy will be boosted by $50 million thanks to a successful bid by Tourism New Zealand to bring 10,000 Amway China executives to holiday in Queenstown under its corporate rewards scheme. The tourists will arrive during Autumn 2018, bringing a steady flow of income to Queenstown over four consecutive months.
This sends a strong message that we can be a big player in the incentives market and it’s another chance to show off the great tourist locations New Zealand has to offer. China is already our second-largest and fastest growing tourism market – generating $1.5 billion in 2015. This contract will grow that market.
New Zealand continues to foster strong global trade relationships which will grow our economy. It’s crucial we remain an open and confident country which backs itself on the world stage. And that’s exactly what this Government is working hard to achieve.

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