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Taranaki is once again in the firing line as the Government has banned default KiwiSaver providers from investing in fossil fuels.

The region has already been damaged by the oil and gas ban – now Labour, The Greens and NZ First are out to get us again.

The coronavirus will have a huge effect on our economy, an economy that is already far weaker than it should be because of this Government’s poor economic management.

Instead of focusing on ways to improve this, the Government is tinkering around the edges and indulging in virtue signalling.

This kind of virtue signalling won’t actually lower emissions. 

It shouldn’t be up to Jacinda Ardern to tell Kiwis they can’t invest in a product they use legally every day.

The International Energy Agency recently reported that global emissions flat-lined in 2019 while the global economy grew by 2.9 per cent, with a significant contributor to that net reduction in emissions being fuel-switching for electricity generation from coal fuelled to natural gas.

The Labour party are pandering to their activist base, while stigmatising highly skilled hard working New Zealanders who supply our country with essential energy.


Jonathan Young

MP for New Plymouth

National Party Spokesperson: Energy & Resources
National Party Spokesperson: Regional Economic Development (NI)
National Party Spokesperson: Arts, Culture & Heritage


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