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More and more Kiwis are connecting to the Government’s Ultra-Fast Broadband network – and the New Plymouth numbers are up.

The results for Taranaki, released as part of the Government’s quarterly announcement on UFB and Rural Broadband, show a positive 47 per cent increase in connections to the network.
20,119 end users in New Plymouth and Hawera can now connect. The Government has a target of 28,800 end users being able to connect by June next year.

“It’s great to see we’re well ahead of schedule on getting this done,” Mr Young said.

“Before we were re-elected, we said we were going to commit to building a world-class broadband network right here in New Zealand – and that’s happening right now.”

“We’re getting the benefit of this build now. We already have a lot of households in the area connected up,” Mr Young said.

“This quick, reliable internet connection makes life easier for businesses, connecting easier and more enjoyable in the home, and it makes learning at school a far better and productive experience.

“It’s good for us, and it’s good for all of New Zealand. I’m sure the people of New Plymouth are looking forward to more of the network coming to town,” Mr Young said.

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