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The 2015 NCEA final results are the best ever achieved by New Zealand students.  I want to congratulate the students, their teachers, their parents, their principals, and all the people who supported them to achieve.
Final roll-based results show Level 1, 2, and 3 NCEA achievement rates rose by between 1.5 and 3.2 percentage points last year to 74.4, 76.4, and 62.7 per cent respectively.
Since National took office in 2008, Level 2 achievement rates have risen 16.6 per cent.
Under National, its clear children are starting school better prepared to learn and leaving school better qualified and prepared for higher education or the workforce.
We know we have to keep doing more.  So we’ve created Communities of Learning to keep striving for higher achievement.  We want to encourage collaboration between our schools, so they share expertise and work together to raise student achievement.
We are putting Kiwi kids’ learning at the centre of what we’re doing in education.
For the first time, the Government is investing more than $11 billion in education. 
This year we are targeting the increase in operational funding to schools with students who need the most support.
We know from our Social Investment research that students from long-term welfare-dependent families are at greater risk of educational under-achievement than their peers. So we are investing $43 million over four years to support around 150,000 students from long-term welfare-dependent families.
We want to get the right resources to the rights kids at the right time.
In line with directing extra funding to where it’s most needed, we’re putting an extra $42.1 million over the next four years into services for students with special needs.
We also want to make sure we’re addressing population and roll growth and providing flexible spaces to support innovative learning environments for Kiwi kids.
This means $882.5 million is going towards school property, including 480 new classrooms, nine new schools, two school expansions, and the relocation and rebuilding of three schools and a kura.
We recently had Minister Nikki Kaye here to announce funding for two new classrooms for Mangorei School and four new classrooms for Te Pi'ipi'inga Kakano Mai Rangiatea.  It is great to see the investment in our local schools.
I’m proud to be part of a Government committed to investing in our children’s educational futures, to give them their best chance to learn and succeed.

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