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New Plymouth electorate has been the focus of several National Party MP visits this year and last month was no exception.

Over the past month Nicola Willis looked at education, Brett Hudson discussed guns and policing, Todd Muller was here for Forestry and Agriculture, and Paul Goldsmith visited hard on the heels of the launch of our Discussion Document on the Economic Sector.  In October, Judith Collins is in the electorate.

The Economic Discussion Document sets out fifty commitments or proposals that National want to take into next year’s election, as well as more than thirty questions we want your feedback on; to help get New Zealand back on track.

National recognises that Government does not drive the economy, it is a team effort. It is driven by all the people who get up early, work hard, invest their time and their money to build opportunities for themselves and others.

To establish a wealthy economy that can deliver for New Zealanders, we must tackle wasteful spending. National will ensure Treasury has a greater focus on providing sound advice on the effectiveness of Government spending. The Government scrapped targets implemented by National which concentrated on reducing welfare dependency, child hospitalisations and waiting times for social housing. We will continue the Social Investment approach and reintroduce targets that are focussed on public agencies.

New Zealanders are hardworking and innovative, and we know it is discouraging when red tape holds you back. A National Government will repeal 100 regulations in our first six months in Government and we will eliminate two old regulations for every new one we introduce, so that you can get on with the job.

National’s bottom line is you, and it’s clear the unnecessary stress of getting paid on time is a big issue for New Zealand small business owners.  National wants to find ways to ease the stress for small business owners and ensure healthier cash flows. We’ve announced we will establish a ‘Small Business Payments Guarantee’ which will be a voluntary initiative committing large

New Zealand businesses and not-for-profits to ensure small businesses are paid on time and within 30 days.

In the document, we’ve expressed that we want a superannuation scheme that’s sustainable for future generations. We won’t turn a blind eye to the future affordability of the scheme like the current Government. A National Government will ensure superannuation remains sustainable by progressively increasing the age of entitlement from 65 to 67 starting in 2037.

We’re doing the work now in Opposition so we’re ready to hit the ground running in 2020. These are just some of the many areas covered in the Economic Discussion Document. We want to hear your thoughts on how we can develop a thriving economy that delivers for you. Have your say by going to


Jonathan Young

New Plymouth MP
National Party Spokesperson for: Energy and Resources

National Party Spokesperson for: Regional Economic Development (NI)

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