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The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) was signed in Auckland today bringing benefits to the Taranaki economy and New Zealand, says local MP Jonathan Young.

“Our dairy industry will save $96million per annum as a result of the TPPA which is fantastic for our local dairy exporters and regional economy.

“This is the biggest trade deal we’ve negotiated and will enable Kiwi exporters to sell more products and services to the world. This means more jobs and higher incomes for New Zealanders,” says Jonathan Young

The 12 countries involved in the TPPA account for 36 per cent of the world economy. Last year, New Zealand sold $28 billion worth of goods and services to the other 11 countries in the TPPA.

“By signing this agreement New Zealand exporters will save around $259 million a year in tariffs they currently have to pay just to get their products into these markets.

“The agreement builds on the Government’s wider plan to diversify and strengthen our economy, support more jobs, and provide more opportunities for Kiwis to get ahead,” says Jonathan Young

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