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The Government has recently announced $65,000 in funding across seven youth sector organisations. This means around 640 new youth development opportunities across New Zealand.
“The funding will support and enable young people to develop their leadership skills, volunteer or mentor other young people.” Jonathan Young says.
“The Taranaki Futures project in the Taranaki region will receive $7000 to enable 70 young people living in the Taranaki region to participate in the Accelerator programme, which partners young people with business mentors and provides actual workplace experience to help formulate potential career paths.”
“This is a great opportunity for young people to get involved in. They can take part in a new challenge and give something back to their communities. The Taranaki Futures initiative offers invaluable learning and experience for our young people.
“This project is part of a focus on increasing youth development opportunities from 50,000 to 70,000 annually, and increasing the funds targeting disadvantaged youth from 18 to 30 per cent.
“National is committed to providing opportunities that give young people a great range of skills and experience that put them on the path to success. The Taranaki Futures project is a shining example of that,” Jonathan Young says.

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